Orientation in Wild

Would you find you way out from here?

Would you find your way out of such place?

Did you ever feel bad when you forgot something especially if you did not know it in first place? This happens to almost everybody. Do you remember when you took those tests in school or college? Do you remember anything from your school that you thought you would never forget? Sometime our memory fails us. It usually happens at times when we need it most. Our body, brain tends to forget the important things when we face the unknown. Only those of us who carefully followed a course from start to finish can stay calm when time gets though. When you get face to face with nature the score you get is usually your life or death. There is no room for mistakes.

Almost all of us learn basics of orientation in wild at some point in our lives. Most people think that they will never need that knowledge. Perhaps. But what will you do when your car breaks down on empty highway and you have no way to call for help?

What will you do?

Which way will you go?

Even if you have a map and you see that there is a town just few miles across that little forest. Will you find your way out? Most normal people are not ready for this. This lack of basic orientation skills is the reason why we see reports of people freezing to death when their car breaks down, but there was help just couple of miles away. It will never hurt to get you basic skills in order, to be prepared. The real knowledge is acquired via experience. We offer you to experience various survival situations with us, gathering the skills from the beginning step by step.

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