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My name is Oleg Aksenov and I am the survivalist. Not the pessimist kind that owns piece of land in middle of nowhere that is stocked with supplies enough to live there autonomously for 5 years, just in case or the one that gets all kind of weapons, enough to defeat small army. I am more of the kind that has a 9 to 5 computer job in the office, drives BMW cars, and have very optimistic point of  view on a lot of things.

But I am enjoying learning everything that I can find about all the aspects of survival. Frankly, not all of the them though, but rather everything that I could apply at some point in my life given my lifestyle. I am prepared for most of situations that happens to people everywhere in the world.

How Survival Guide Pro begun

Some time ago I spoke with one of my classmates. I knew that guy always had passion for the nature. So he had become a professional ranger in Russia. The real Pro. He had to spend 5 (!) years in university learning all the tricks about animals, hunting and fishing and everything regarding life in the wilderness. I could not believe that I had access to this guy. I just had to convince him to start sharing his vast knowledge and experience with everybody.

And that was how this project begun. The Pro’s name is Alexei. He lives in Russia and writes his stories to Russian side of Survival Guide Pro site.

I will do my best and try to translate his work into English and publish it here. I will appreciate any help with translation or if you simply have interesting story to share with readers please contact me on Twitter @oaksenov

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